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1000UAH - 60 min
Within an hour, you will feel real bliss, realizing your innermost desires and fantasies. First, your tired body for the ...


1200UAH - 60 min
The massage program “The Temptation” is interesting by the special emotional and physical contact between you and the masseuse. First, ...
Жаркое удовольствие

Hot pleasure

1500UAH - 60 min
An amazing combination of relaxation and sensual pleasures awaits you during this massage. Starting with the classic program, he moves ...
Эротический массаж Шейх

Sheikh VIP Lviv

5000UAH - 120 min
Want to bring something new to your relationship? Erotic massage for couples will allow you to take a fresh look ...
Массаж до расвета

Till all hours

10000UAH - 720 min
Feel yourself in seventh heaven from unearthly pleasures that last the whole night. Seven hours of mix from classic types ...