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Erotic massage Lviv – salon “Caprice” is not by chance called the best in the city. We are very attentive to the recruitment. Masseuses have excellent training, regularly improve their skills, learn new work techniques. They undergo medical examinations so that our client does not worry about health.

Erotic massage for men

Add-ons can be taken to any program from 1700 hryvnia!
  • Foot fetish - 500 hryvnia erotic foot massage;
  • Lingam massage - 500 hryvnia, masage with which special attention is paid to the sexual organ;
  • Shower before and after - 400 hryvnia;
  • Lesbian show - 1000 hryvnia;
  • Strip show - 500 hryvnia two songs;
  • Peep show - 500 hryvnia, during the program the girl caresses herself, exciting you.
1300UAH - 30 min
Within an half hour, you will feel real bliss, realizing your innermost desires and fantasies. First, your tired body for the day will relax, using the techniques of classic massage.…
1700UAH - 60 min
The massage program “The Temptation” is interesting by the special emotional and physical contact between you and the masseuse. First, she will help you to completely relax, forgetting about the…
2000/3000UAH - 60/90 min
An amazing combination of relaxation and sensual pleasures awaits you during this massage. Starting with the classic program, he moves on to an intimate, multi-part program. First, the girl will…
3000UAH - 60 min
On cold autumn or winter evenings there is nothing better than a massage and the touch of a beautiful girl. And if you combine it with a joint stay in…
3500UAH - 90 min
Classic massage, erotic massage, you can touch and kiss the girl's whole body, cunnilingus, the girl bathes you in the shower.
4000UAH - 60 min
Each monarch had concubines or favorites, ready to fulfill any of his wishes. Now you will learn how to be an emperor. An exclusive program lasts exactly one hour and…
7000UAH - 120 min
Want to bring something new to your relationship? Erotic massage for couples will allow you to take a fresh look at them, adding a spark of passion and unusual, but…
12000UAH - 420 min
Feel yourself in seventh heaven from unearthly pleasures that last the whole night. Seven hours of mix from classic types of massage and erotic program with the possibility of reciprocal…
2000UAH - 60 min
Men's health can be maintained until the most advanced years. How to do this, they know our beautiful masseuses. In addition to the classic relaxing and erotic body massage, they…
taxi+ 2500UAH - 60 min
Departure to the client, 1 hour massage + taxi at the tariff. We provide only massage services on the client's premises.
3500UAH - 60 min
Two girls perform a classic massage and erotic program, girls can be touched on the body and kissed in addition to the intimate area, men are brought to orgasm, girls…
2500UAH - 60 min
Classic full body massage, erotic body massage, cunnilingus, shared shower, unlimited relaxation
15300UAH - 180 min
Bachelor party in Lviv!A wonderful tradition that came to us from the west and is so much loved. The last "break" before entering a new rank. Most of the groom's…

Erotic massage in Lviv

The central part of the city
The central part of the city
Sexy girls
Sexy girls
Wide range of bars
Wide range of bars
Beautiful interior and sterile cleanliness
Beautiful interior and sterile cleanliness

A good erotic massage consists of several important points. The quality begins before the visitor undresses and gets what he wants. Creating a special intimate and relaxing atmosphere is much more difficult than just stretching the traveler’s tired body. Classic techniques smoothly transfer to body massage with the whole body.

Used music, candles, aroma oils with the addition of aphrodisiacs. All this gently affects the nervous system, helping you to feel the inner harmony. Originally decorated rooms give visitors a cosiness comparable to homely. It is pleasantly complemented by romantic and erotic notes.

Many men do not have enough privacy and comfort away from the usual situation. Coming to us for an erotic massage, you seem to fall into another world. All worries are somewhere far beyond the walls. Here the main thing is your desires. And the task of the beautiful sorceresses to fulfill them on demand. Coming here, you cease to be your former self, and become a sultan, around whom young beauties fly, trying to do everything to make you leave happy. Having visited our salon once, you will come back to get these feelings again, to be among the beautiful divas. Do not be afraid of desires. Here they are able to perform.

If you are tired at work and want to relax with health benefits and nerves, we invite you to an erotic massage in Lviv in the “Caprice” salon. Here you will be met by beautiful girls combining model looks with the skills of professional masseuses. We try to create coziness, a special atmosphere for our clients, allowing to forget about all the problems and troubles.

Come, choose a beauty, based on personal preference. You can be sure that each of them has the necessary professional skills and knows several classical and erotic massage techniques.

Modern masseuse reminds classic geisha of medieval Japan. Her work is not related to sex. The girl has to be a psychologist, a pleasant interlocutor, and not just a nude model with a spectacular appearance. Once in her gentle and affectionate hands, you will forget about everything, listening to the sensations of your body, responding to every touch of skilled hands and a beautiful body.

Ero massage Lviv