Erotic massage for a couple of Lviv

Published: 21.11.2018

Two girls perform a classic massage and erotic program, girls can be touched on the body and kissed in addition to the intimate area, men are brought to orgasm, girls are given only erotic massage and classic.

Salon “Caprice” offers erotic massage in Lviv, which will allow you to get amazing fantastic sensations. Erotic massage is an opportunity to get an unforgettable pleasure and plunge into a new unidentified world of bliss, without providing intimate services. Erotic massage will help to gain self-confidence, feel a surge of strength, come to harmony in the soul. Get an erotic massage in our salon can both a man and a married couple. Four hands massage is a great option for couples who like to experiment.

Massage for couples

Our salon of erotic massage in Lviv will help you to immerse yourself from the first minutes of your stay in the atmosphere of intima, temptation and bliss. Romantic setting filled with a pleasant aroma and smell, slow music, smooth movements of the girl will take you immediately to the world of pleasure and dreams.

In the salon you can enjoy not only various massage techniques. A number of additional services are available to customers: visiting the jacuzzi, enjoying the seductive dances of sexy girls, relaxing in the spa area in the company of one or several girls.

In the salon of erotic massage “Caprice” do not need to be afraid of their desires. Would you like to get a passionate massage from a flight attendant, catwoman or nurse? You will definitely get it. Want a hot massage? Then it will make you a girl in a policeman’s playing suit. There are many options for satisfying your hectic fantasies and our girls will help you to make them real. You can be sure that it will remain in your memory for a long time.

Erotic massage for a married couple

Would you like to get unforgettable feelings and try something new in your relationship? Then the best solution is to order this erotic massage for a married couple. It will help you get a new feeling and a new twist in the relationship. Private massage for couples takes the form of a role-playing game. In erotic massage, a variety of tactical techniques are used: body massage, sakura branch, gentle relaxation, tantric massage, incognito, tantra breathing, squirt, classic, original techniques combined with a combination of tenderness and rudeness, and much more. For couples, erotic massage helps to diversify family life. He can ignite the fire of love with a new flame, make a spark in an extinct relationship.

Private massage for couples

Get an erotic massage in our salon can both a man and a married couple. A four-hand massage is a great option for couples who like to experiment.

  • A cozy and romantic atmosphere awaits you in the cabin, in which you can completely disengage from extraneous thoughts, relax and relieve tension.
  • Large selection of professional masters of model and seductive appearance.
  • Comfortable and luxurious rooms will help you relax and get an unforgettable experience.
  • Candles, pole dancing, scented oils, dim lights, essential oils and music will help you plunge into the romantic atmosphere of bliss.
  • We guarantee complete confidentiality of services in our salon.

The art of modern erotic massage is infinitely many-sided, but even in this diversity, the body massage technique stands out in a special way. After all, it combines a variety of feelings and sensations: complete relaxation is absolutely the whole body and the strongest sexual tension, sensual immersion in the inmost fantasies and their instant execution. Thanks to all of the above, such an emotional impact on you is one of the most powerful against the background of other types of erotic massage.

It is worth noting that in body massage you can feel special touches: light, really gentle, elusive, which undoubtedly excites, carries away and does not allow to be distracted by extraneous thoughts, keeping attention to the very end. And all this is fully true for our masseuses! We are sure that thanks to their experience, knowledge and sincere attention to all wishes, you will not find such a striking and unforgettable body massage anywhere else, and will come back to us again and again!